"Luzyce" Glassworks was established in May 1997, on the basis of transformation from Pienskie Glassworks.

Our long-term experience in traditional, hand-made glass formation allows us to produce lighting and utility glass of the highest quality. It is created by hand or on half-automatic machines, which allows us to treat each piece individually and with care.

Thanks to well-trained employees with many years of experience, and also often with a long-standing glassmaking family tradition, we are able to produce an infinite amount of various shapes and sizes in glass.

Apart from producing glass items, we also specialize in a wide range of ornaments that are created during glass blowing (alabaster, bubbles or cracles) or afterwards (painting and matting). Our experience in decoration makes is easy for us to create designs also outside of the standard catalogue, on client's special wish.


A certain british author once wrote, that "sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds". Just before writing those words he must have been looking at our products.

Production and processing

Now with one click you can see how glass is created!

Special thanks to Lampa Loft for making this video.