Dear Sir or Madam

We would like to inform you that due to ambitious investment plans, our company is inviting new shareholders to join the business.


We invite both individual and institutional investors, from financial branch or relating to the same market line, from inside the country of from abroad - we are open to diverse investment solutions. 

We are certain that funds invested in 'Luzyce' Glassworks have a good chance of producing attractive profit in the nearest future, at the same time resulting in satisfaction from taking part in re-establishing, nurturing and developing tradition of hand-made glass production in Piensk.

With regards to current cooperation, we are prepared to offer preferential business terms for investors coming from the same market area. 


We invite all interested parties to contact our representatives:


Sławomir Nowicki, phone no. +48 605-727-285, e-mail: slawomir.nowicki(at)luzyce.pl


Zbigniew Kieras, phone no. +48  602-275-646, e-mail: zbigniew.kieras(at)luzyce.pl